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The main cause of eye infections are microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses which invade the eyeball or area surrounding the eye.  Some infections attack the cornea of the eye, the membrane lining of the outer eye and the inside of the eyelids.  Eye infections can becomemore serious when they attack deeper parts of the eye, potentially threatening the patient's ability to see.  Unfortunately, if a patient has not been treated properly, an eye infection can have life-changing consequences.

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Types of Eye Infections

The following are just some types of eye infections:

•    Fungal keratitis - this fungal eye infection is caused through contact with organic matter, such as tree branches.  This type of eye infection was also common due contact lens manufacturers using a certain type of cleaning  solution in 2006
•    Conjunctivitis (pink eye) - a common eye infection that is easily spread amongst children in day care and classrooms.  Those who work in these environments of places are at higher risk such infections.   Children can also get an eye infection during birth if the mother has a sexually transmitted disease
•    Ocular herpes - happens when exposed to herpes simplex virus
•    Acanthamoeba keratitis - this is contracted when parasites enter the eye, often caused by swimming in contact lenses
•    Trachoma - caused by flies. This infection can lead to blindness
•    Endophthalmitis - this is when an eye infection reaches the eye's interior.  Blindness can be a consequence if not treated

Treatments often include antibiotic eye drops and, in some cases, steroid eye drops to reduce inflammation and oral antibiotics.

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